Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Last Soccer Post...For Now

When I first started this blog, it was just going to be about baseball and baseball cards. I had no other intentions for it.
Even the name, 'Keys to the Batter's Box,' based on a common prank used on new batboys, signifies a baseball related website.

This blog is just over a year old. I don't pay attention to dates and just now noticed that I created this site on February 5, 2015. Sorry, no anniversary post for me.
That first post had a total of 18 views. My highest rated baseball related post, Meeting the Mets, had 246 views. That was largely aided by comedian Jim Breuer RT'ing me about that post.
This month I started posting about soccer autographs, a new hobby that I picked up, thanks to me discovering that 6 Major League Soccer teams were having their pre-season near my home. I quickly started buying singles and team sets, hoping to get them signed.

My last post, Yeah, Yeah, Another Soccer Post, far outnumbered my Jim Breuer aided post. A week old and it's had 960 views. The lack of comments is a bit of a downer, but I'm just happy to have people visiting my site.
I never even promoted that post. I just wrote it up and hit send. Didn't share it on any social networks.
Thanks to that post, the US, my home country, is no longer my biggest audience. The Ukraine now leads in that department.

The MLS pre-season is wrapping up. The last matches for the teams training here are this weekend. My autograph collecting wrapped up when the 11 remaining cards I had were signed last night.
I ended up with 30 autographs from the 6 MLS teams this month.
It will be back to baseball posts shortly. Actually, I've already gotten several baseball cards signed this spring. I just haven't shared them on here. I'll get started on baseball related posts this weekend. The Tampa Bay Rays are holding their annual fan fest on Saturday, so I'll hopefully have some autographs to share. Many former players will be in attendance signing autographs.
Rays fanfest alumni 2016
Sadly, these future posts will cause me to lose my Ukranian readers. At least I should gain some Americans, and maybe get a few comments, too.


  1. NICE haul on the autos! I am officially jealous of the Lampard.

  2. The Drog! Lamps and Pirlo too, awesome.. DeFilice, Toby Hall, Lapoint and McClung are the only guys I remember from that FanFest lineup


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