Thursday, October 15, 2015

Luis Torrens: A Tribute to Zippy Zappy

Being a baseball card blogger, is it possible to rip open a pack of cards, pull a Luis Torrens card and not think of Zippy Zappy at Torren' Up Cards?

I had an even bigger experience today. At the final Florida Instructional League game, the Yankees visited Clearwater to play the Phillies. Before the game started, I noticed Luis Torrens just wandering around the concourse of Bright House Field. Here I am, foolishly waiting in the hot sun by the dugout awaiting the players/coaches, when I could've been in the shade awaiting them. I headed up the stairs and approached him. I was almost tempted to tell him that I read his biggest fan's blog, but I didn't know if he knew him as Zippy Zappy or not, so I just asked for an autograph and wished him luck, and kept the possibly awkward conversation to myself.
I've never been Zippy Zapped and I don't think he follows me or is even aware of this blog, so hopefully he'll discover this someday and know that a reader was thinking of him while getting a card signed.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Opening a Few Packs

I visited my local card shop today. I had e-mailed them last night with a list of singles that I was looking for. I promptly received an e-mail this morning letting me know that the cards would be ready for me. While I was there I decided to buy 2 packs of 2015 Topps Heritage Minor League cards, as well a pack of 2015 Panini Stars & Stripes. I had never bought any of these before, so these were all new to me.
The first pack I opened was the Stars & Stripes. I wasn't familiar with the first 4 cards in the pack, but that 4th card was autographed and numbered 76/299.

The remainder of the pack had some much more familiar names to me, including the potential National League Rookie of the Year, Kris Bryant.

Next up were the Heritage packs. They weren't all that eventful, so I'll just share the highlights. The first being the first card in the pack, Michael Conforto.
The only insert in the 2 packs was this blue parallel of Touki Toussaint.
I'm happy with what I got, and glad to be able to help keep a card shop in business.

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