Friday, August 21, 2015


With over 300 million monthly users, Instagram has become a dominating social network. With that in mind, I've decided to expand my autograph site,, and created an Instagram account for it.

Now you can view my collection easily on the go.

Or follow along via the web version.

It took me about a week to upload my collection just to catch up with my site. I didn't want to advertise the new account until I was all caught up.

I hope those of you on Instagram will follow me on there. The username is dailyautograph. You can also visit this link,, and click on "FOLLOW."

I'd love to follow other baseball card/autograph Instagram accounts. If you have one or know some that I should be following, let me know.

Of course, will continue to be my primary focus. Having added over 200 autographs this summer, my site already has scheduled posts into December 2017.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Weekend Plans

I've never been a fan of Major League Baseball's Interleague Play. I'm a baseball purist. I only want to see the American League teams play National League teams in the World Series...and Spring Training, that's it.

It was cool at first to see the Mets play the Yankees, or seeing the A's face the Giants, but then when Interleague expanded to where the Padres would play the Orioles, that's when I turned my back on baseball. I'd basically take a 2 week break from the season, and then once Interleague was over, I'd get right back into watching again. I just didn't care to watch games featuring different leagues playing different divisions.

Now I only appreciate Interleague Play every 3 years. The 2015 season is one of those years. The schedule is aligned to where National League East teams face American League East teams. As a Mets fan, I enjoy seeing the Mets/Yankees rivalry, especially this season, where both teams are doing well in the standings. Also, being a Mets fan living in the Tampa Bay Rays market, that means the Mets play the Rays, which brings me to my weekend plans, hence the subject title.
Today, I made my way down to Tropicana Field to buy tickets for all three games of the Rays/Mets series. I found it was much cheaper to buy in person rather than purchasing online or over the phone. I fully expected to pay close to $50 for all three tickets, but was shocked when the ticket agent said he could get me tickets for $7 for each game. I spent $21 for a MLB 3 game weekend series with no added fees. Sure, the tickets are in left field, but trust me, I won't be staying up there. I basically paid my way to enter the stadium.

Since it's a weekend series, that means the gates open 2 hours before game time. Usually that's plenty of time to get autographs from the visiting team. I'll be making my way down that 3rd base line, hoping to get autographs from my favorite team. A team I get to see play in person every 3 years.

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