Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mets from Brian

I got another assortment of Mets cards from Brian at Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary.
This package was basically all new cards to my collection. Some were duplicates, but they'll go into another personal collection of mine, which I'll explain later in this post.

Starting off with the oldest cards in this lot. A 1981 Fleer card of Doug Flynn and a 1987 Fleer World Series card of Ron Darling.

Here's a plethora of 1999 Topps cards. I had never seen these before. I thought they were all gold parallel versions, not knowing this was the actual base version.

Stadium Club is big in the card world right now. Brian sent me a bunch from the 90s.

A few Fleer Flair cards.
A couple of 2001 Fleer Platinum.

Officially licensed Upper Deck cards.

An oddball card.
Random Mets that I didn't know how to group.

2015 Cards.

No Mets lot would be complete without my favorite player showing up.
I mentioned earlier about duplicates that Brian sent me. Not a problem at all. Not only do I collect Mets cards, but I also collect cards of players wearing Florida State League uniforms. These next four cards fit right into that collection, as Paul Wilson and Rey Ordonez are shown in their St. Lucie Mets jerseys.

Finally, the best for last. The card I liked the most, which I had also never seen before was this 2013 Topps card featuring David Wright and Darryl Strawberry.
Thanks again, Brian, for all the great Mets cards.

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  1. awesome! I thought you might already have a lot of minor league cards, so I specifically included just the St. Lucie Mets since you have mentioned watching them in person.


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