Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Latest Project

I've showcased this box in a previous blog post.

It contains one single baseball card of every player that I have never gotten an autograph from.
Every time I buy a pack of cards, I'm constantly adding to this box. Either adding a new player or replacing a card with a better looking one.

When I go to baseball games, I look up the rosters and then head to this box to see if I have cards to bring.

This week I made things much easier for me. I now have a digital list of my collection.

It took me a few days, but now instead of looking through the box, I can check my list from my computer, phone, tablet, etc... Making things much quicker when searching.

While going through all those cards and typing each name individually, I'd occasionally stop to Google a player and see what they're up to now or even if they were still living.

Sadly, I ended up pulling a decent sized stack of cards of players no longer with us.

I'm sure there are several more that I've missed.

Also in that box were two cards of players that I doubt I will ever get autographed, nor would I want to.


Fabio Gomez and Jim Hvizda are former Minor League players, both serving time for separate murders.

In 1999, Fabio raped and murdered his female neighbor, then dumped her body in his apartment complex dumpster. He is currently in an Arizona prison.

In 2012, Jim stabbed his wife to death in a Wawa parking lot, where she worked. He is in a Pennsylvania prison.

Pretty ironic that Star produced cards of both of these players for their 1989 Minor League set.

Hey, Star! You're supposed to make cards of prospects, not suspects.

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