Sunday, June 10, 2018

Everything Is Viewable

When I came up with the idea of Daily Autograph 5 years ago, I thought it would be a great site to showcase my collection, and then eventually continue it as I acquired more signatures. I figured within 2 years I'd eventually be all caught up and then there would be days, possibly weeks during the offseason or something where my site would be stagnant. Five years later, that thought is laughable. after 1,787 published posts, I still have 1,227 scheduled, taking my site all the way up until October 19, 2021 without a break.

For the last couple of years, I've hated the formula that I created for myself. I've gotten autographs that I was so proud of, that I wanted to post and share them immediately, but instead, I'd create a draft and then schedule it for 2 years later on whatever date it would chronologically be set for.

This week I decided to try something different. Playing around with Google Photos, I created alphabetized photo albums of all of my autographs.

All of those photo albums are now linked to on the right-hand side of

Just choose the album of your choice and you can see an alphabetical display of my collection. View them all at once or you can watch as a slideshow. Comment and like the whole album or select a random autograph that you'd like to comment on or ask me about.

My site will still continue on its daily schedule, but if you're impatient like me and want to see my latest autographs and not have to wait 3 years for them to be posted, then be sure to check the calendar and then the corresponding album of your choice.

Feedback is appreciated if you enjoy this new update, or if you don't.

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