Thursday, February 4, 2016

2016 Topps Jumbo Pack

I bought my first pack of 2016 Topps today. I was able to find jumbo packs available at Target.
To me, it was just an average pack. Nothing really stood out. I really like the look of the cards this year. Borderless is a great choice.

My lone Met was Future Star/Topps All Star Rookie, Noah Syndergaard.
A few other highlights from this pack include:
A gold parallel of Chris Sale (0114/2016).
Rainbow foil rookie card of Zack Godley.
Wade Boggs shown pitching on a baseball card.
A card highlighting Jacoby Ellsbury's MLB debut.
I really like this Perspectives card of Jhonny Peralta. I wish all the base cards looked like this.
Major League Baseball is getting their own version of Wacky Packages this year. This sticker card was in my pack, I guess as promotional material.
I used to buy Wacky Packages when I was a kid. Some made me laugh. I can't see myself buying these baseball ones when they come out in March.

I look forward to buying more of these 2016 Topps cards, and of course, getting some signed this year.


  1. It's like Christmas in Februrary, I tell ya. It looks like Boggs is throwing a Knuckleball...


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