Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ed Lynch

Whenever I go to a baseball game, whether it's a Major League game or Minor League one, I always bring cards of guys that I know are now scouts, just in case I recognize one and can get myself an autograph.

Scouts are easy to spot at games. They typically wear lanyards with their ID badges around their neck. Unfortunately, the font can be difficult to read, so, unless you're up close, it can be a problem figuring out who they are.

At Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays, many scouts ride the elevators to get to their seating areas. I always ride the elevators there and try my best to not look noticeable while reading their names. When I get home, I add any players that I recognize to my binder in hopes that I'll see them again at a future game.

Last year while watching a New York Mets broadcast, they were playing the Miami Marlins in Miami. Mets broadcaster, Keith Hernandez pointed out a former teammate of his in the stands. It was Ed Lynch, who happened to be scouting that game. Ed Lynch's card instantly was added to my binder.

Today, while attending a Jupiter Hammerheads (Miami Marlins) vs. Dunedin Blue Jays game in Dunedin, Florida, carrying cards of scouts finally paid off. Ed Lynch was in attendance and scouting.
Ironically, Ed is a scout for the Toronto Blue Jays, so it was weird to catch him at a game of an organization that he is employed by.

This particular game was loaded with scouts, but I was only able to read one person's badge, which also was a former Met, Bill Latham. Sadly, I don't have a card of him.

One person in attendance that I recognized immediately was former Cleveland Indians and Philadelphia Phillies manager, Charlie Manuel. I got his autograph earlier this year.
I love getting autographs of players/coaches that I expect to see, but it's an even bigger thrill when someone you least expect to show up is there and you're prepared for it.

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  1. I never thought of doing something like that... I'll have to keep an eye out for men with lanyards the next time I'm at a minor league game.


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