Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Card I'll Never Part With

When I made my tradelist page, I went through and organized my entire collection. It wasn't nearly as big as it once was, I sold off a huge chunk of it in the '90s. The remaining cards that I have, I decided I'd be willing to part with. All except one. 

There's just something about seeing Pete Rose on baseball card in a Montreal Expos uniform. This 1985 Donruss card has always been a favorite of mine.
Topps cards were readily available to me back then, but they didn't have an Expos card of Rose in their '85 set, though, they did have one in their 1984 Traded Set.
Fleer had a card in their '85 set commemorating Rose for getting his 4,000th hit as an Expo. I remember having the card at one point, but I guess it just didn't stick with me like the Donruss card did.

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I have no recollection of ever seeing Pete play as an Expo, so when I discovered these cards in 1985, they looked completely foreign to me.

I could dump my collection tomorrow and all I'd be interested in keeping would be my autographs, my Mets cards, and my lone 1985 Donruss card #254.


  1. Could be the most unfamiliar uniform in history. Rose will never look right to me as an Expo.

  2. You should spit on this card like Pete Rose spit on the game of baseball.


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