When I started collecting baseball cards in 1984, I mainly focused on acquiring as many New York Mets cards as I could get. Sadly, my Mets collection is severely lacking cards from pre-1984. I also stopped collecting entirely around 1994, so I'm missing a huge chunk from the last 20 years.

As far as other cards go. I was always a big Darryl Strawberry collector. I have a lot of his Mets cards, but not too many of the other teams he played for.

I collected a lot of Minor League cards in the 90's. I would like to get back into those. I attend a lot of Florida State League games, so it would be nice to have some cards of the current crop of players in the league. Also, I love collecting cards of players/coaches wearing uniforms of Florida State League teams.

Right now, I'd like to focus on Minor League team sets. If you live near a MiLB team and can pick up an extra set, I'd be happy to trade or reimburse you for one.

Sets I need to complete:

1983 Topps - #344 (Roger LaFrancois, Boston Red Sox)


  1. have you ever checked out justcommons.com? you can knock out those sets needing a few cards. all orders $10.00 + get free shipping.

    1. No, haven't checked that site out yet. Thanks for the tip.


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